Curiouser and curiouser

I remember the first exercise we did in the first session of my yoga teacher training: what word sums up your motivation for being here? Curiosity was mine. Now, had I been better versed in wellness terms, I would have chosen inquiry. But the point was, and still is – my intense sense of wonder is what keeps me motivated.

Curiosity has also moved me westward geographically but eastward in my relationship to well being. Well, being in general!

I have been drifting west since childhood: Turkmenistan, Belarus, East Coast, and now, East Bay. My relationship to the body (I only discovered my mind several years ago!), has been evolving constantly: carnivorous and intense distance runner / ballet dancer, to vegetarian casual runner / yogi, to non-dogmatic, discerning, happy gal, practicing mindful movement and stillness.

My curiosity led me through yoga, Ayurveda, blood-type diet, the China Study, Michael Pollan, acupuncture, Vipassana, Buddhist philosophy and the Hakomi method. I will fast forward the metamorphosis and share what is here and now.

There is no one way, formula or protocol to a healthy, functional body and enlightened bliss. Having too much information, too many methods, inputs and teachers did not prove beneficial for me. I got out of breath, trying it all on… I had to sit one out; get the noise level down. You know, when you hold your breath under water and still hear the sounds of life above, but what matters is the drumbeat of your heart? I listened, curiouser and curiouser, and it got clearer – my mind-body whispered, then sang in the voice of Cat Stevens…

We all have the answers within: there’s a middle way of being open to growing and changing with the world, and listening with an inquiring ear to what YOUR mind-body has to say.

VitaZB 2

Vita Zus Burwell made the transition from marketing and design to teaching yoga several years ago. She wanted her work to align with her life values – honesty, simplicity and interconnection. Her curiosity, pursuit of balance and wellness took her from Boston to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she now lives and loves, practicing and teaching yoga, and, for the sake of balance, calls on her left brain to provide organizational support and coordination within the wellness community.  If you’re in the Bay Area, check out her classes.

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