About Us

Well Traversed is a travel and tour company based in Boston, MA. We specialize in creating, organizing and leading theme-based travel to unique destinations. Examples of themes include culinary-focused, photography-based, and wellness-based trips.

Why specialty travel?

  • we love traveling
  • we especially love travel when it is combined with another passion
  • we love the “insider perspective” – i.e., learning about a culture from those who live it

Why are we doing this?

  • we’ve traveled a lot, but some of our most memorable experiences have been ones where we’ve had a friend or recent acquaintance act as a local tour guide
  • we don’t believe in group travel per se, but do believe sharing travel experiences with a companion often makes them more memorable
  • we are passionate about other things too (!) but love combining these with travel whenever possible
  • travel provides us a fresh perspective on everything, including the things we love doing when we aren’t traveling
  • travel teaches us as much about ourselves as it does about the new people and places we encounter

Who are our partners?

We take pride in partnering with businesses and experts who are established and dedicated members of their own communities, in addition to being outstanding service providers. Our trusted partner family has decades of experience providing high quality travel experiences to very satisfied and happy customers. In fact, those are the top criteria upon which we choose to collaborate: quality and customer satisfaction.

How do we give back?

When we encounter people and hear their stories, we hopefully also are offering them a chance to improve their lives through the income generated in the process. In fact, we actively look for opportunities to collaborate with organizations that give less privileged individuals a chance to earn a living. Moving beyond that, we are committed to giving back directly to the communities that welcome us, through in-kind and monetary donations to charitable and non-governmental organizations, as well as through direct service activities with some of these organizations.

Who are we?


Ritesh (Founder)

Ritesh was born traveling – or at least he feels like he was, which is why staying in one place for too long has never been his thing! Born in Prague when it was still behind the Iron Curtain, he spent his formative years traversing the planet with his foreign service family, highlights of which included long stints in India and Australia and shorter ones in the Maldives and West Africa. School and work led him to Canada and the US, where he currently resides in Boston. Along the way he has traveled to 6 continents discovering in the process his passion for learning about new cultures and connecting with people. But he is also passionate about food and photography, both of which are ideal complements to travel and offer unique insights into new cultures.


Marianne (Wellness)

Marianne’s mom still jokes that her first word was not “mama,” or even “dada,” but “whatsthis?” Marianne’s curiosity about the world has led her to travels stretching from Cambodia, to Morocco, to Portugal; to forming lasting friendships with folks from every corner of the planet and every background; to finding herself on a somewhat unconventional career path.

Marianne is an avid yoga practitioner, who has learned from her practice that balance is the key to bringing wellness into one’s life. Travel is a critical part of achieving that balance, because it allows you the chance to step away from your everyday – you simultaneously learn about the everyday for others and get perspective on your own.

Some of Our Trusted Partners

Shubra Krishnan

When Shubhra Krishan discovered Ayurveda, she was living at a breakneck pace, reporting for a prime-time news station in India that reached over 400 million viewers.  Her own curiosity about Ayurveda quickly led her down a new path in life, using her journalism skills and experience to spread information about Ayurveda and wellness to a broad and growing audience.  Among her many contributions, are Feeling Fine, a popular and long-running series on Ayurvedic living that aired on network television in India; numerous articles on health and wellbeing for American magazines and websites; and several books: Radiant Body, Restful Mind, The 9-5 Yogi, Thinner Dinner and New York Times bestseller Essential Ayurveda. Shubhra has worked as the multimedia editor for a successful natural products company in the United States, and as editorial director for a Chicago-based company that produces media software on health and lifestyle.  Shubhra currently travels, dines, writes, and edits for her magazine Travel Secrets.  

Olivia D'Ambrosio

“One part theater, one part yoga,” Olivia D’Ambrosio first practiced yoga as part of her movement training in the MFA Acting Program at Brown University/Trinity Rep, where she now teaches in the Department of Physical Theater.  As a former NCAA lacrosse player, Olivia has a passion for lifelong athleticism and wellbeing.  She holds her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification from Sonic Yoga (NY, NY) and has completed mentorships with some of her own favorite teachers.  Olivia teaches a wide range of students and styles  – from beginners, to pre-natal, to restorative, to vigorous flow — and places equal emphasis on physical development, concentration/focus, and emotional wellness.  She sees teaching as an act of service and makes her students’ experience the focus of every class.  For her other part, Olivia is an actor, a teaching artist, and the Producing Artistic Director of Bridge Repertory Theater of Boston.  


For Mita Deshpande, the experience of learning about and working with herbal and traditional medicines was life-changing and opened up to her another healing world and system.  Mita is a public health professional who has worked for several years with a women’s collective, Jagrutha Mahila Sangathana, in the Raichur district of Karnataka State, India, on issues of caste and gender justice and equality.  While working in Raichur in the area of women’s health Mita began learning about herbal and traditional medicines and attended several courses.  Mita’s teachers in the field of herbal medicines have taught her that whatever we know about a plant today is knowledge based on people’s experience with the plant over generations.  This knowledge cannot be owned by one person alone. It belongs to communities and must be shared.  At the core of Mita’s professional practice is the desire to continue the tradition of passing on this knowledge to future generations, as it has been given to her.