Giving back

We actively seek opportunities to give back

Through travel we see the world open up in innumerable ways.  For as many of those new experiences of beauty, austerity, and rich traditions we encounter, we simultaneously appreciate the challenges that life presents for people around the world in new ways.  At Well Traversed, we see ourselves as active members of the communities to which we travel.  Inasmuch as we benefit from exploring their histories, arts, customs, and cuisines, we also want to contribute to their positive growth and enrichment.

  • A portion of the proceeds from every trip that we make is donated to one or more local charities or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are serving members of the community who are in need.

  • Moreover, some of our trips involve active service opportunities, working directly with some of these charities and NGOs.

Some organizations we will be working with

The Kutumb Foundation

Working for the empowerment of disadvantaged young people in several neighborhoods in and around Delhi, India, the Kutumb Foundation runs numerous programs, including alternate educational programs for English, Hindi, and Math; theater, dance, puppetry and other arts and crafts; football (soccer); and computer education.  In addition to the content of their programing, philosophically, they are invested in celebrating multiculturalism and dispelling stereotypes, misconceptions, and prejudices, for example, surrounding gender, ethnicity, caste, religion, and class.  You can read more about Kutumb on their website:, and follow them on Facebook:  “kutumbfoundation.”

Indo-Global Social Service Society – CityMakers Program

The Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across India, to encourage their effective participation in development.  With a particular focus on issues relating to gender and challenges facing youth, IGSSS runs a broad range of programs, focusing on promoting sustainable livelihood, energizing youth to become change makers in their communities, protecting lives, livelihood and assets from the impact of hazards, advocating for the rights of CityMakers (Homeless Residents) and developing a cadre of leaders from the community and civil society organizations.

IGSSS’ CityMakers program recognizes that India’s homeless residents play a critical role in the infrastructure of its cities:  they build cities – they are construction workers, rickshaw pullers, rag pickers and other daily wage earners.  Despite this, they are regularly seen as a drain on society and relegated to its forgotten corners.  The initiatives of the CityMakers program range from shelter management, to media advocacy, to vocational training programs, to emergency flood relief camps, to healthcare camps and the management of community kitchens.

You can read more about IGSSS and the CityMakers program on their website:, and follow them on Facebook:  “IGSSS.”

Get Involved

If you are interested in playing a more active role in giving back, there are numerous ways that you can get involved.

  • Contact us to learn more about which charitable organizations we are partnering with in the specific regions we will be visiting during your trip.

  • Organize a clothing or book drive on behalf of the organization leading up to your trip – ask us for ideas about how to do this!

  • Raise funds for  the organization leading up to your trip, to supplement the proceeds from the trip that we will be donating already.

  • If you know of charities or NGOs that you think we should consider supporting, please let us know!