Do you seek travel with a purpose?

You love to explore.  You love to learn.  You were that kid who always followed a “what” question, with a “why” question, followed by a “where” question.  You still are.  Whether you are driven more by your stomach, your eyes, or your soul, when you travel to new places, you want to engage with them, taste their foods and spices and perfumes, and be embraced by them.  You want to carry a piece of them home with you in your pocket and leave a piece of yourself behind.

That’s who we are, too!

On our trips, you will be immersed in flavors, textures, and narratives.  You will come to know people and places; not just encounter them.  You will learn from our experts as you travel – from renowned chefs,  to practitioners of ancient arts of wellness,  to established photographers.

You will travel with others who share your passions for learning from and thinking about the incredible and novel experiences you will have along the way.   You may establish connections with your fellow travelers that range from lively discussions, to lasting friendships, based on your shared interests.

And you will travel with the security of knowing that your safety and comfort – from accommodations, to transportation, to the minute details of the trip – are taken care of at every step by our guides and tour directors.







Explore our upcoming tours:

Mind, Body & Belly

Salute the sun with daily morning yoga practice.  Explore Delhi – from its greatest monuments, to the hidden alleys of its bustling markets – and Kerala in southern India – from its salty coastal breezes, to the lush greens of its mountains and tea plantations, to its weaving backwater canals.  Learn some principles and practices of traditional medicine that have been passed down through millennia.  Fill your belly with healthful cuisine from a diverse range of Indian traditions.  Fill your heart while interacting with members of a local community support group.  Find your balance with asana and meditation classes and the healing of Ayurveda.

The trip is designed as two independent one-week modules. Join us for either or both! Click on the tabs and links to learn more.

Flower baskets 2

  • Arise to salute the sun with morning yoga

  • Discover the smells, tastes, colors, and energies that are uniquely Delhi, from some major historic sites, to the hidden corners of Old Delhi’s spice market

  • Delve into Ayurveda and its principles for healthy, balanced living with a course and cooking demonstration with Shubhra Krishan, author of NY Times Bestseller Essential Ayurveda

  • Share stories with the community served by our partner charitable organization

  • Participate in an “Asana to Meditation” workshop in a peaceful setting

  • See the Taj Mahal at daybreak, gazing at this wonder of the world in the pristine morning light

  • January 18-25, 2014
  • Priced from $2,995
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  • From Cochin’s salty breezes to Munnar’s crisp mountain air, the breath of morning yoga moves through you differently

  • Amble through a Tea Estate, vibrant with a rainbow of greens you had never imagined nature could produce and emerge from the fields for a formal tea tasting

  • Take opportunities to indulge in Ayurvedic treatments to relax your body and mind

  • After a night rocked to sleep on a houseboat, explore the tiny villages and flora and fauna, tucked back, deep into the narrow backwaters pathways on a canoe tour in Alleppey

  • January 25-February 1, 2014
  • Priced from $2,595
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  • Join us for both weeks to experience both North and South India

  • Relish the intensity of Delhi, then be embraced by the calm natural beauty of Munnar and Kerala

  • Awaken new avenues to seeking balance and wellness, then rejuvenate and nourish your body and mind

  • January 18-February 1, 2014
  • Priced from $5,050
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Food, Forts & Farms

From walking around the Old City, sampling street food, to being welcomed into a Sikh Gurudwara to help prepare the midday meal, you will come to know the heart that lies within Delhi’s sometimes frenetic exterior.  Awestruck by the sight of the Taj Mahal, you will also explore the more hidden markets and treasures tucked into of Agra, and be welcomed into a local family’s home for dinner.  Jaipur arises from the acres of mustard fields, where you will dine upon traditional Rajasthani cuisine, climb atop an elephant for a ride, and interact with craftspeople.  Feast on Maharashtrian cuisine after a food walk through Mumbai’s Dadar neighborhood.  In Kerala, discover vegetarian cuisine in Cochin, and Syrian Christian cuisine on a farm out upon the backwaters.

The trip is designed as two independent one-week modules. Join us for either or both! Click on the tabs and links to learn more.

Paapdi Chaat

  • A tour of New Delhi leads you into the Bangla Saheb Gurudwara, where you help prepare the traditional midday meal

  • Walk the food trail through Old Delhi, culminating in a “street-food” lunch at the world-famous Haldirams

  • Fill up on stunning views of the Taj Mahal and cook with a family in Agra

  • On to Jaipur, to join a top chef for a Rajasthani cooking demonstration and dinner

  • Meet and talk to villagers benefitting from community-focused development at the Barefoot College

  • Ride an elephant and marvel at the gorgeous halls, gardens and intricate mirror work at Amber Fort

  • March 1-8, 2014
  • Priced from $2,995
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  • Savor a Food Walk in Mumbai’s Dadar neighborhood culminating in a Maharashtrian feast

  • Help cook a delicious Parsi meal with your friendly hosts

  • Try your hand at the Chinese fishing nets in Cochin and explore vegetarian Kerala cookery

  • Discover Syrian Christian cuisine while staying at a farm in the backwaters of Kerala

  • Back to Mumbai for a Heritage Walk and to be welcomed into the home of a Goan family for a cooking demonstration and lunch

  • March 8-15, 2014
  • Priced from $2,895
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  • Join us for both weeks to experience the rich culinary traditions of  parts of northern, western and southern India

  • Astounded by the range of diversity of the cuisines of Delhi and the Golden Triangle, you will be unexpectedly delighted when your palate encounters an equally broad spectrum of cuisines in Mumbai and Kerala

  • Experience this culinary breadth while exploring the modernity-meets-rich-history of the North, the stunning natural beauty of the South, and getting to know the people whose daily activities create the wealth of culture you encounter

  • March 1-15, 2014
  • Priced from $5,295
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