Why travel with us?

Comfortable Immersion

If you wanted to experience a new country in a plush seat, separated from the dust and smells and sounds by glass, you would sit on your couch and turn your television to one of the hundred travel programs available.  You are traveling because you want the dust of a new place to get into the folds of your clothing; because you know there are thousands of tastes, sounds, and smells that you have never even imagined existed, but that are part of everyday life for others.  But at the same time, the idea of getting swept up alone into that new “everyday” feels cacophonous and a little overwhelming.  But you’re not alone.  On our trips, you will walk city streets, sample local specialties from street vendors, venture down garden paths, taste perfumes of flora, overhear conversations in melodic new tones – along with our trip leaders and expert guides, who will walk, sample, taste, and overhear (though not impolitely!) right alongside you.


We take great pride in working with hotels and service providers that are both top-of-the-line, and a functioning part of their surrounding communities.  This means that you may not recognize the name of a hotel you will be staying in (and it very well may not have a corporate parent . . . ) but you will be greeted at every stop with comfort and a deep, heartfelt hospitality.

Trip Leaders, Not Tour Guides

Our trip leaders think that they have the best job in the world!  They get to travel through some of their favorite places in the world along with passionate, engaging, interested travelers – who may be encountering these places for the first time – and introduce them to all the people and things that make these places beautiful, rich, sad, and real.  Our trip leaders will be there to help you make your way through your journey, to make sure that everything moves along so that you only have to focus on taking in as many new sensory impressions as you can absorb.  They will be there to answer the inevitable questions you will stumble upon, and smooth out any rough spots along the way.

Giving Back

We believe that it is inevitable that through a form of travel where you – even for a short time – become a part of the communities you visit, you will come to love them and want to give back to them, as we do.  We make it a priority to give back to local community service organizations and non-governmental organizations – through both monetary and in-kind donations, as well as through actual service projects – and we offer opportunities for you to become involved as well.  Visit our “Giving Back” page for more information.

Who’s Going?

Curious, active, hungry folk – like yourself.  Our trips are designed to engage the heart, mind, and stomach, and to inspire great conversations along the way.  You will travel with a small group of people who share your interests, are passionate about learning and exploring, and are excited to share the experiences of the journey.  Whether you simply share a few discussions of the sites, sounds, and tastes of the day over meals, or develop friendships that extend long after the trip – maybe on to future trips! – you will enjoy the company of people who are invested in the same depth and quality of travel that you are.